XEO Vape StarterKits

StarterKits for new comers and those who give vaping another chance

As a first-time trier or a coming-back-to- the-vape-side, these StarterKits offer you a perfect start to your vaping experience

XEO Void StarterKit

The future shines in six galactical colors

Vaporizer with a guarantee to thrill

3… 2… 1… The mission ‘Fill the VOID in your life’ has begun! The ergonomic form meets material that has undergone high quality processing. The result is a technology for the vaping pleasure of the future, which will propel vapers into a euphoric state! 
With its ergonomic grip and its integrated, easy to fill tank, our VOID will delight you right from the off. This vaporiser’s modern design and choice of six galactic colours leaves nothing to be desired. 

Handy Innovation

With its all-in-one structure, the XEO VOID Vapor StarterKit is a vaporizer of the next generation. The 2ml e-liquid tank is integrated into the body, and prevents the e-liquid escaping. It is also fitted with a childproof lock. As well as this innovative safety system, the VOID also features the proven fire button. Its five times push ON/OFF function provides the necessary security.  With the VOID, you can vape any XEO e-liquid of your choice and begin your vape adventure bristling with excitement. Its simplicity and efficiency pave the way for even more advanced enjoyment of e-liquid. See for yourself today!

Ergonomic Design | Air-Flow adjustment| 1500mAh battery | 2ml tank | STL Atomizer Head 0,6 Ohm | MTL Atomizer Head 1,0 Ohm | 6 color | child-lock system | TPD2-conformity |

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Have we stirred your interest? Then embark on an adventure and order your XEO VOID StarterKit today! 

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XEO Xtreme Vapor StarterKit

Elegant, classy and unique

A Device For true indulgence

With its classic elegance in clear forms, enjoy the evening to the full with our XEO Xtreme StarterKit. The XEO e-pen accentuates your exquisite taste and provides the feeling that, as an e-vaper, you seek.  
This pen device, with its timeless design, can be filled with the XEO e-liquids of your choice. For example, try one of our tobacco flavours, lie back and enjoy the full-bodied taste.

Elegance and sophistication that convinces 

Elegance combined with economic efficiency, because over the medium and long term, you will save money. This rechargeable alternative also encourages your ecological consciousness. 
It’s as easy to handle as a disposable e-cigarette, but it is refillable and, thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery, can be recharged at all times. These are the features boasted by our unique and elegant e-pen.
When it comes to caring for your product, all you need to do is refill the e-liquid and replace the Clearomizer. 

ProV7.0 Vaporizer | Clearomizer | USB-Adapter| Lithium-Ion-Battery | TPD2-Conformity | EEasy to use in three simple steps | Refillable with your favorite E-Liquid | Child-Lock-System

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XEO Xtreme Vapor Clearomizer 3-Pack

The Xtreme Clearomizer 3-pack ensures your vaporizer is always fresh, even after regularly changing the flavors. After a Clearomizer has been used for around 20 times, we also recommend that it is replaced, in order to maintain a clear and exquisite vaping flavor.
Just refill the Clearomizer with your favorite XEO E-Liquid or any other high-quality E-Liquid of your choice. 

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