Internationally we stand for high quality and innovation

XEO is one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers and distributors of e-liquids and e-cigarettes, whether containing nicotine or nicotine-free. As an innovative and constantly growing business, the development of qualitatively high-grade products is the central focus of all that we do. In the meantime, more than ten large European distribution partners belong to our extensive network.

The complete satisfaction of our wholesale customers and also consumers is our utmost priority. We therefore only manufacture in compliance with German quality standards, and use pharmaceutical high quality nicotine. Our high standards are guaranteed by constant quality controls. 

We also develop and produce various types of innovative electronic smoking device products for well-known OEM customers.
In order to maintain our high quality standards, our in-house engineers are in permanent dialogue with relevant expert institutions (for example the Frauenhofer Institute) and independent engineers in Germany.

We provide satisfaction not only through high quality, but also on the basis of our diverse range of products. The following product lines are all part of our range: XEO Classic Cigs, Shisha2go, Xtreme Vapor, Rechargeable Shisha2Go, 100’s, XEO Vapor E-Liquid, E-Liquid Shisha2Go und Void Vaporizer. This wide product range enables us to provide a comprehensive offering that can meet every desire. 

Here at XEO, we place especial importance on compliance with the laws governing nicotine and tobacco. What’s more, responsible handling and use of the products is also important to us, meaning we therefore only sell the products to people aged 18 or above. 

A further aspect that’s very important to us at XEO is our recycling and exchange programme. Within the framework of this programme we enable our customers to return used products to us, thus ensuring that they are disposed of correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner. 

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The XEO group owns various commercial intellectual property rights and also respects the intellectual property rights of other businesses.

Protection of the electronic cigarette’s shape

As an innovative business, we are responsible for the design of our products. Among other things, with the design for the electronic cigarette ‘Shisha mouthpiece with long cigarette-shaped body’ we achieved a world first. We have therefore legally protected it as a registered design. Such a registered design protects against any other design that doesn’t leave any overall impression other than that of the registered design patent. It therefore protects the electronic cigarette’s shape. This specific shape can only be used by us, as registered owner of the design patent. An excerpt from the entry for this registered design, which has the number 002267112-0001, can be found at the following link. 


Trade Mark Rights

We are of course aware that the meaning and scope of such intellectual property rights often raises questions for our customers and for the suppliers of other products. Therefore, if you have any enquiries about our intellectual property rights, please contact our legal team at the following email address: thomas.schmitz@rokh-ip.com


Unsere Entwicklungstätigkeiten werden unter anderem durch Fördermittel der EU finanziert.
Wie zum Beispiel „die Entwicklung eines Multifunktionswerkzeuges mit integriertem Verdampfer zur gesünderen Entspannungsförderungen und tiergerechten Jagd“

Protection of the name ‘Shisha2Go’

We have protected the name ‘Shisha2Go’ as a brand name. Brand names identify a business’s products. By registering the brand name, the owner acquires the sole right to use the brand name for the protected products. Excerpts from the entry for the registered European Community design ‘Shisha2Go’, which has the number 012014627, as well as for the registered word and design mark ‘Shisha2Go’, can be found at the following links.



We are always pleased to hear from you. Your opinion is important to us, and we are constantly working hard to improve!
You can reach us under the following address:
XEO Holding GmbH
Vinnhorster Weg 137
30419 Hannover
Tel.:+49 (0)511- 215 862 0
Mail: info@xeovape.com

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