XEO E-Cigarettes

XEO’s Disposable E-Cigs: Vape! Don’t Burn!

It’s been talked about: E-Cigs are a true alternative to common cigarettes – completely without fire and ashes.
We recommend starting out with XEO E-Cigarettes as it feels just like a real cigarette but without the hassle. 

XEO 100’s

True, , XEO 100’s

A Companion for those who know to enjoy

Are you curious, and considering switching to e-cigarettes? Then the XEO 100s are an outstanding choice! They are ideal if you finally want to see what vaping e-cigarettes tastes like. Not only are they economical, but also easy to handle. Take it out of the childproof package, remove the protective cap and succumb to the pleasure. 
You will notice that not only does it look like a classic cigarette, but also feels like one and tastes convincingly real. This is thanks to the original cigarette paper and lightweight body. This makes the XEO 100s one of our first long-term alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

A full-fledged alternative for true
Tobacco lovers

With its 0.8ml E-Liquid capacity that provides that unmistakable tobacco taste, and a nicotine content of 20mg/ml, which is approximately equivalent to that of a conventional cigarette, the XEO is ideally suited for switchers. It is powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery, which lasts for around 300 drags. And thanks to its automatic startup function, the XEO 100’s is quickly in use. Nothing more stands in the way of a quick drag. 

20mg/ml | 0,8ml E- Liquid | about 300 drags | autom. Start-Up-Function | original Cigarettepaper | Lithium-Ionen-Battery | Batterydisplay|

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XEO Classic Cigs

True smoking experience without ashes

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E-Cig in a variaty of flavors

Are you fed up of that annoying cigarette smell? Are you looking for a real vaping experience, but without ash? Then the XEO Classic Cigs are the right alternative for you. The XEO Classic Cigs are perfectly suited for venturing that first step into the e-cigarette lifestyle. Switching is easy thanks to an e-liquid that contains 16mg/ml of high quality nicotine. 
And if you’re looking for more variety, the Classic Cig offers you a range of flavoursome alternatives. Whether American Blend Red, Cherry, Honeydew Melon or Strawberry Menthol, there are no limits to your possibilities for experimentation.

Are you ready for a new experience?

The XEO Classic Cig is a disposable e-cigarette that never needs to be refilled. You take it out of the packet, remove the protective cap and can begin using it straight away. Whereas, after smoking a conventional cigarette, you’d have to press it out in a stinking ashtray, your disposable e-cigarette promises significantly longer enjoyment – comparable to the effect of around 40 normal cigarettes. The innovative startup function and built-in sensor ensure perfect vapour buildup. Each XEO Classic Cig features a powerful lithium-ion battery that is only exhausted after about 500 drags. The battery then flashes ten times, meaning it’s now time for a new e-cigarette. You now once again have the agony of choice deciding between our delicious flavours.

16mg/ml | around 500 drags | Alert when battery is low | different flavors | Lithium-Ion-Battery | autom. Start-Up-Function

Why XEO E-cigarettes?

Consciousness of health in every drag

With a rising consciousness about the risks of smoking common cigarettes, more and more consumers switch to E-Cigarettes.
Thus XEO developes E-Cigs that uphold the feeling of smoking a true cigarette.

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The E-Cig’s Triumph

Electronic cigarettes have been around since 2003. They were initially only available in China, and the technology still wasn’t very mature. But in 2007, after undergoing several stages of development, they began their triumphant advance across the globe. Smokers’ increasing interest in this welcome alternative quickly led to new designs and colours. E-cigarettes are now more stylish and modern. And of course, XEO’s e-cigarettes don’t leave anything to be desired in this regard.

For a better conscious when smoking

For smokers, both the Classic Cigs and the 100s are outstanding alternatives to conventional cigarettes. With these disposable e-cigarettes, smokers can enjoy the full aroma without the annoying disadvantages of smoking, such as ash and embers, awful-smelling clothes and discolouration of the teeth.
A further great advantage of disposable e-cigarettes is the fact that they don’t pollute the environment as much. This is because nothing is burned, meaning no harmful or unpleasant smoke. With e-cigarettes, smoke develops as a result of heating a liquid. When using it, the smoker does not inhale any toxic substances, as is the case with conventional cigarettes. E-cigarettes therefore do the smoker and humankind in general a great favour.

Disposable E-Cigarettes: smart and beneficial for your wallet

Another great advantage is the cost savings that can be achieved with disposable e-cigarettes. In Germany, a packet of normal cigarettes costs between €5 and €6. But for around the same price, you can buy an XEO 100s that represents the same amount as nearly two packets of cigarettes. Merely by switching to disposable e-cigarettes, the costs that arise for smokers of normal cigarettes can be virtually halved.

Why try XEO E-Cigarettes?

For those looking to try e-cigarettes for the first time, XEO recommends the 100s or the Classic Cig. Our disposable e-cigarettes are perfect for those who just want to try vaping for the first time, without immediately having to invest in a reusable e-cigarette set like our XEO Xtreme StarterKit. So the 100s or a Classic Cig enable you to see if the switch to e-cigarettes would be something for you. We are sure that the benefits of e-cigarettes will immediately win you over. 

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Advantages for the customer

The use of a disposable e-cigarette is the easiest and most convenient way for customers to enjoy an e-cigarette. Once the packet has been opened, it’s ready to use. There is no need to recharge batteries, as a primary battery is integrated into the e-cigarette. 

XEO Flavors to live for

Our sense of taste is enormously important to our lives. High quality flavour compositions are XEO’s highest priority, and a particular tradition. Professional flavour chemists work continuously with the world’s largest flavour manufacturers, in order to improve our XEO Life liquids and guarantee our customers an outstanding, incomparable taste experience. All our liquids’ ingredients feature on the official FEMA list, thus guaranteeing you the highest purity and 100% compliance with the standards of the foodstuffs industry.

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