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A cooperation that is worth it!

No matter if you are a retailer or a distributer, a cooperation with XEO offers unique advantages to participate in the fast growing Vaping and E-Cigarette market

Individual reseller options 

XEO offers you, the reseller, various opportunities to participate in the rapidly increasing growth of the e-cigarette market. You can either liaise with our sales department to create and order a perfect package tailored to your own POS, or simply visit our online shop for business customers, where you can secure a further price advantage. Be a part of XEO – Satisfaction! engineered in Germany and send us a mail to  .

Why to consider becoming a part of XEO

The market for e-cigarettes and vaping is still young in Germany and other countries, but a rapidly increasing demand can clearly be seen. XEO can supply your business with a broad range of products spanning the widest variety of vaping hardware and e-liquids, with or without nicotine, all from the one source. We can therefore meet not just your needs, but also those of your customers, in targeted fashion. 
XEO promises you that all products available for sale comply with the current legal framework (TPD2/CLP). If you are an international reseller, our sales, marketing and legal department will work closely with you to implement this in your country. 

Advantages in working with XEO

International Brand

Quickly resell in your country due to TPD2 compliant products

High Quality

XEO ensures highest quality standarts in every XEO product 

Innovation And Design

XEO products are continuously developed further and are thus innovative. High standarts in designlead to customer loyalty and brand recognition. 

Fair Pricing

XEO offers fair prices to resellers, ensuring high earnings in the dealer margin 

Easy Support

XEO is always there for you in case of any enquiries

Broad product range

You have the choice! Only select the products that you can sell to your customers.

High-quality POS-Material

XEO produces high-quality advertisment for your POS. Make XEO visible to your customers and increase your profit.

Profitible Affiliate-concept

With the XEO coupons you also benefit from sells in our online shop!

Convinced? Become an XEO sales partner! Contact us at or +49 511/215 862 - 0.
Of course, we are always pleased to assist with any enquiries you may have!